Showreels: 7219


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3 years after Singapore Lights, we have finally magically conjured up 7219. A miniature film about the daily ongoings in Singapore, it has been a very fulfilling experience with long days and nights of shooting. Plenty of terabytes of images were recorded and left to render for nights with Adobe After Effects. 

With regards to the production, the miniature look was acheived entirely in the camera with a full arsenal of tilt-shift lenses. Alongside with a couple of 5D Mark IIs, Mark IIIs and 7Ds, we took to the streets.  

The music was kindly produced by Amberhaze, a Singapore band that is churning out some great music.  

*Update* We are honoured to have 7219 mentioned by Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and had garnered at least 1156 likes and 272 shares. The assured response made every effort worth.  

Filmed by WeeHan. To view our Vimeo channel, click here