Showreels: Courses de Chevaux, Singapore


Click here to play Courses de Chevaux. 

After a few months of intensive weekly shoots, this film was accomplished. It is by far one of the toughest I have done and working solo does not help things much. There was at times too much gear to carryand we are talking a huge backpack with its zips strained, 3 tripods and a slider. But like everything you and I are passionate about, we will always put in that extra mile to really gain a centimetre. 

Action shooting seldoms lends itself well to cameras with inherently shallow depth of field and I took about 30 races before I had 2 good takes of the racing shots. Yes, I was using a heavy 800mm zoom and it was no cine-style lens so follow focusing with it was a pain. I had a superb Marshall LCD monitor but the non-adjustable peaking actually faked me into thinking I was in focus when I was really not. In the end, I just depended on the LCD on the back of the Mark 4 for the racing shots. The LCD on the 1D Mark 4 is just amazing really....way better than the 5D Mark 2 but the specs are actually the same on paper....hmmm. 

That said, it was amazing fun to be shooting with the TSE lenses and I used both the 17mm and the 24mm II. The sharpness is just astounding and I just love the capability to shift to keep verticals erm...vertical.  

It was all in all a totally enjoyable experience and if ever I get into it again, it will be a daytime version. That will make follow focus a much easier task..... 

Filmed by WeeHan. To view our Vimeo channel, click here